First Blab

5 06 2007

My first diary blogging.  Cool.  I have some pages started, but with limited time haven’t been able to just sit down and dump my brain.  Here it goes…

Well, we are at the end of the academic year, (if home educators have such a thing)!  And I am ready for a break from the day to day schedule….whew!  I’m planning a trip to my mom’s in a few days and I just can’t wait.  There’s nothing like being away from home for a few days if you work at home, and it is always nice to spend some time with my mom – I don’t get to do that much.  The kids are all pumped up, too!  Cousins and summer weather, time with Mamaw, extra goodies and different meals and bedtimes than they have at home….

I sit here daydreaming about all that while the tv spouts warnings for us about taking shelter due to tornado warning and baseball sized hail that is on its way.  The room has become quite dark for late afternoon, huge raindrops have polka-dotted the patio and the storm sirens are blaring.  It’s actually beautiful.  My first diary blog is interrupted by a summer storm.  Any storm that dumps water on this parched area may just be welcome!

I’ve got to take the necessary precautions, so I suppose I’ll get back to this later:)




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