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28 06 2007

We started our geocaching/letterboxing adventure last evening.  Very, very fun – if you’ve never tried it and you like the outdoors and a bit of thinking – you are missing out and must check it out!  We met some friends at a local park where they provided clues to a nearby letterbox, and we brought coordinates for a nearby geocache.  The letterbox was a pretty easy find, and we collected the first stamp in our logbook!  The geocache was not so easy, however, and as darkness began to fall, we had to postpone the mission for another day.  No one present had much experience with a GPS, so we did a lot of learning, quite a bit of walking, and some deductive reasoning in figuring out how this is supposed to work!  I do love a good challenge, though, and I can’t wait for another go at it!  My reluctant teen even enjoyed the adventure despite himself (hee hee!)

I’ll try to put on some links to good sites for your hunting pleasure.  I’m new at this, so be patient!




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