30 06 2007

Today I’m excited about something else altogether (it doesn’t take much..LOL).  I stopped at a pet store “just to look”, which of course, always means I’ll bring home a little something.  I brought home a couple of irrisistible plants, even after promising myself that I wouldn’t buy any more plants until I could upgrade the lighting.  I’ve lost several plants due to inadequate lighting, but I justified the purchase because it would help with water quality, algae, fishy entertainment (my puffer loves to check out new additions to the tank), as well as aesthetics, even if all these benefits only last a couple of months before the plants succumb to poor-lighting-induced death.  And who knows, maybe before that happens I can upgrade the lights….but I get off topic…the plants are great, but I’m most excited about what else I got, for free :).  Snails -a very specific type that I’ve been looking for.  Most pet shops give them away as “pests” so they are hard to find if you want them, and innumerable if you don’t.  In doing much research about planted tanks, I learned that Malayan Trumpet Snails would be very beneficial to my setup.  They eat all the disgusting stuff that nothing else will eat that dirties up your tank, and what’s better than that is that they don’t eat the live plants, and they spend a lot of time burrowing around in the substrate, which aerates the plants’ roots!  Of course, they multiply quickly, but with a puffer who is an avid hunter, I doubt that all those baby snails will grow up, so it’s a perfect balance!

I am also glad that my honey will get to do some treasure hunting with us over the weekend, and that it is time to start a stricter training schedule for my first 5K. So it is a good day, as I hope it is with you as well!




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