1 07 2007

My snails have survived!  I had read somewhere online after getting them that even if they are too large for a puffer to eat, they may get sucked out of their shells to be enjoyed (ooooooooh!)  He did have a go at them when I first put them in, but they withdrew deeply into their shells and waited him out.  Since he’s never had snail, he moved on to search for tidbits in the new plants and they were forgotten.  They have now burrowed into the substrate and are probably happily munching gunk.

As I mentioned before, because I’ve commited my mind to a 5k, I”ve been working up to it with the real training about to start.  My ankles and knees have been aching for the last couple of days and I do not need that right now!  I believe (hope) that it is because I roll inward slightly on my arches, and have just put  new supports inside my shoes and went for a 1 1/2 mile brisk walk, forgoing the running.  I’ll most likely do the same tomorrow and try to run the next day.  If anybody has any advice…..

Dinner is smelling scrumtious right now.  Comfort grub tonight – not too unhealthy, though 🙂  I’ve baked some good ol’ cornbread and have a big pot of stuff simmering.  It doesn’t have a name, really, but it is simply potatoes (skin on), cabbage, carrots, and lean smoked sausage (the kind that’s really turkey), all cut up into bite sized pieces and thrown in a pot of water to boil until done.  The sausage flavors everything else and it is so perfect you don’t even need salt.  I don’t know who thought of it, but my mom fed it to us.  That makes me want to ask my siblings if they ever make it.  I’ll let you know!




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