9 07 2007

Well I have been following my training schedule very well for eight whole days now, and it feels great!  I’m very proud of myself and excited about the possibilities.  I believe I figured out why my knees and ankles were hurting so much.  They have done that before, when I wasn’t running, so when I thought about that it helped me to narrow it down.  I go barefoot all day when I’m home, and I have a concrete slab house.  Duh!  Other times that they have bothered me have been times when I am home a lot and on my feet a lot – especially in the kitchen where there’s no carpet – like around the holidays.  So I started wearing walking shoes around the house and presto chango – no achey joints. 

I also did a tiny bit of shopping over the weekend, and that was more enjoyable than it usually is for me.  I think losing 30 pounds is to credit for some of that, but I’m also not a good shopper.  I typically won’t buy something I like if I have nothing to go with it or no plan for when I would wear it.  I’m just too practical to have fun shopping – but I am learning.  Of course it is both a curse and a blessing that I simply won’t pay  a ridiculous price for something just because I like it.  And my idea of a reasonable price is much lower than others.  I still feel like Levi’s should be $20 bucks and a nice top should be no more.  Shoes are another issue for me – my husband has more shoes than I do – and I know that is not normal – I just hate to buy something without a plan for when….well, I’ve already said that!  But anyway, I tried a different approach this weekend and I bought 2 tops, with no plan, and got them really cheap.  One was $6 and change – beat that – yes, brand new – and the other, new also, was $14.99.  The best part is that when I got home, I realized that I did have bottoms to match the one I thought I didn’t have a match for – but no shoes – so that will be next 🙂

I think I can.  I think I can.  My husband, mom, sister and friends have tried for years to teach/encourage me to shop and buy, rather than shop and come home feeling like I wasted precious time!  But I may be starting to get it.  Heehee.




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