Wastin’ Away again in Internetville…

10 07 2007

It’s not like me at all, but I spent way too much time in front of this screen yesterday…and today LOL!  It just really irritates me when I can’t figure something out – so I really over-do it trying.  Yesterday I was trying to learn more about this whole blogging adventure, and I have so many stumbling blocks that I keep finding myself straying from my learning objective.  I’ll go on a hunt to figure out what RSS feeds are and how they work and I will see buttons or badges, links and music widgets and get totally sidetracked, then end up getting sidetracked from that also before figuring it out.  Whew!  I irritate myself by not being able to remember what I was looking for in the first place.  And then also, of course, I will occasionally get exasperated with the whole process and so I will sign out of blogville and surf the net for other things that I have meant to spend some time on – and then I’ll see something else – well, you get the idea….

I have managed to ignore my household duties and give myself a headache to boot.  Dirty house, irritated mood and a headache and oh, don’t forget the PMS….now this whole thing makes a little more sense….

I did manage to find a really cool free online running log, so atleast I accomplished something.  I had read that I should keep a log and so I bought a little spiral notebook, and that lasted about a week, because I don’t really know what information I should be putting in there.  Anyway, an online log is set up for you to fill in fields that are relevant, so you don’t have to wonder what that is.  After looking at half a dozen or so, I came to the conclusion that there is one that stands above the rest.  If you run (or I inspire you to start), check out http://www.runningahead.com/ 

Some much needed rain has dropped the tempurature and cooled off the asphalt, so I’m gonna hit the road before it heats up again. 





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12 07 2007

Am I imagining a conversation that went something like “did you read my blog… did you see what I bought?” I know WHAT you bought, now I thought I’d come read up on Bubba, but I don’t see him here.

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