Back online (for now)

21 07 2007

I haven’t posted for a bit, because every time I sat down at the computer, the internet connection was down 😦  They are widening the road that goes by my neighborhood, and are in the stage of moving all the wiring onto shiny new poles, further from the road, of course.  I guess that’s why it has been down, but I’m not really sure – we haven’t been out of power or had cable interruptions, atleast I haven’t been aware of it – the tv isn’t on much around here until winter!  Who knows….I’m just thankful it is working at the moment.  I was actually able to check email and still had a connection when I got that finished!

I just received another 4 dozen gift of gold (fresh corn), and I’m hoping I can get it all in the freezer!  Cream corn takes up less space, and after having eaten what I made last time and being duly impressed, I’ll probably make half of it that way.  It was amazing!  Absolutely delicious, with no salt or butter – just God’s recipe – perfect!  It may be a bit of a challenge to hide some for the holidays. LOL

My dad showed up for a visit Thursday evening, and it was the most wonderful surprise 🙂  I enjoyed him soooooo much.  The kids lavished every bit of attention on him as well, and we had been so starved of good visits with him that we probably made him a bit claustrophobic!  He took me for an enjoyable ride on his new “hog”, and Kadie took much pride (and refused Papaw’s cash offering) in helping him shine up the chome!  Jarrod tried to pin me down on a date when he could go stay another week with him on the houseboat, which he did last year, but I had to just promise that he’d get one, since our calendar is nuts right now.  I love having the flexibility that home schooling offers for such things 🙂

I ran for an entire mile this morning.  It was hard, but oh, so good!  It always amazes me when I accomplish a new distance, even thought I know that that is how it works – you build on it week by week.  It’s just that each new distance is uncharted territory for me, and I just have this little fear that I won’t be able to do it.  When I complete it, I feel like I could take on the world!  I was really worried about it this week, though, because I skipped my walking on Sunday (I kept waiting for it to cool off outside, and by the time it did I was tied up and it got dark on me), and I skipped my Thursday run, because of pain in my legs.  So it made sense to me that I should not be ready for a mile.  Hmmm.  Guess not!

I think my potassium is getting low again.  I take BP meds, and my doctor did labs 4 months ago, and it was really low, and put me on potassium for 2 months.  It wasn’t until after finding that out and discovering what the symptoms were that I realized I had the symptoms – muscle fatigue!  My arms would begin to ache before I could get my hair washed, and my legs would be aching jello every time I went up stairs.  I was much relieved to be told that there was an explanation!  I didn’t complain to my doctor because I thought that maybe I was just that out of shape, or that I was getting old (heehee!).  My arms are aching now from just sitting here typing, and my legs kept me from running Thursday, so….. I asked the pharmacist about potassium supplements, but he said that since it is possible to get too much, I shouldn’t just take this into my own hands. Urg!  I like things in my own hands.




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23 07 2007

So glad you had time with your Dad! It’s sometimes nice to have just one grandparent at your house so your children are one on one (or 2 on 1, 3 on 1) with that one grandparent. My Mom is in for the week, and while I really enjoy having my family up (which usually includes my sister and her husband, sometimes my dad, sometimes not) we always have a much more relaxed visit when it is just her here at our house instead of us at hers!
See you Wednesday if not before! I’ve got so many things I need to write down on my calendar… and so it begins!

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