Looking forward

24 07 2007

We are going camping with our bestest friends this weekend, and I can’t wait.  The “she” has never camped before, so it should be an interesting trip!  I pray that we have good weather, since that can really screw up a first-time camper’s impression of the hobby!  They visited (they live @ 3 hours away – bummer!) this past weekend and we planned what to eat at camp and split the shopping list.  It just won’t get here fast enough for me.  We could truly use an escape.  My honey’s job is about to take us both out of commission, and I am just not ready to commit to starting school, though I must.  We are trying so hard to stay positive and wait upon God and deal with honey’s job stress, but it is tougher some days than others- the days we are tired!  And I have put off planning for school and have not even organized and filed the paperwork away for last year.  I need to just pick a day and mentally prepare myself to dig in, but I don’t waaaannnnaaaa…..

My running is still going well, and I am slowly decreasing the number of seconds that I walk and increasing the number of seconds that I run so that I am running about 3 times more than I walk.  WooHoo! 🙂 I do my distance runs on Saturdays, and I am determined to run 1.25 miles this weekend even after sleeping on the ground! 

Now that I think of it – the running may be why I am so reluctant to start school.  I bet that subconsciously, I fear that school will take precedence over running and that I won’t be able to prioritize my workouts in order to be ready for the 5k.  Hmmm.  Deep.  And quite possible, don’t you think?  I’ll just have to do it first thing in the mornings, that’s all.  Whenever school is in session, I never manage to be able to stick to a workout plan, because I have such a hard time putting anything before school – not that I should, philosophically – but  in terms of the clock, it wouldn’t be wrong.  One of the perks of home education is the flexibility that that it offers as far as the clock and calendar.  See how well I can convince you of that?  Now why do I have such a hard time living it?  Urg!

I did a cleaning and partial water change of the fish tank last evening, and even when it doesn’t look that dirty when I begin, I am always amazed at how beautifully clean and clear it is after I’m done.  It looks so nice.  The fish even seem to enjoy it more.  Though I don’t rearrange anything in the tank, when I’m done they swim around exploring every nook and cranny as if it is all different.  Funny.

Jarrod noticed a line down the center of Bubba’s underbelly this morning, and called me to look, because he thought something was wrong with him.  It is a very distinct line, but I hadn’t noticed it before.  It’s the same color brown that’s on his sides and back, so I know that nothing’s wrong, but it left me wondering if that may be the difference between sexes, or age.  I’ll have to check that out and see.  I have given both puffers male names, for no reason other than that the names came easy, but one of them may very well be a girl.

Before the internet problems, I had been looking at some games/memes.  Some of them are fun, and I would like to participate, but the one that I did, although fun, was too much work.  If there is a way that is easy, please let me know, because I typed in all the questions and my answers on my blog – and that was a pain, but when I read other blogs, it looks as if it is plugged in, since the headings for each question are in a different font and color than the answers and there’s usually a photo, or link ,or something.  As you know, I’m very new at this, so I have had to do a lot of research to do every little thing, other than posting, of course.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the researching, but sometimes it yields nothing and quite a bit of time passes before I search for more info and then I forget what I learned about it last time until I read it again and then, of course, I get frustrated. 🙂




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25 07 2007

When I do Friday Feast I go to the site, highlight the entire text, copy it and then paste it into a new post on my blog… then all I have to do is write out the answers.

30 07 2007

Duh. Thanks!

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