Gotta whine…

30 07 2007

Well, I am not a whiner by habit, but boy do I feel whiny today.  I guess it’s just hard for me to spend a weekend in nature, falling asleep to the music of the frogs and crickets and waking up to the twittering of the birdies, lingering over my coffee with my honey and good friends and then have to return to reality – telephones, decisions and work, work, work.  Oh, and a smart-mouthed teenager who obviously is about as happy to be back to the doldrums as I! Wouldn’t want to leave out that lovely “welcome home” bit.

I knew there would be lots of work in the packing and unpacking on the last day, but I wasn’t ready for the mess.  It rained all weekend, sporadically, so everything, and I do mean every thing was splattered with mud along the bottom 12 inches – coolers, tents, chairs, footlockers/storage bins, table legs, shade canopy, poles –every thing – and don’t forget the dog.  I don’t think I’ve ever smelled worse wet dog smell! 

It was bad enough to pack up all the damp, muddy equipment, but then I had to flat out refuse to allow the dog in the car.  Now bear with me, you animal lovers – I love the dog because of what she is to the kids and that she is a very sweet-natured creature, and I am her greatest ally in the house, to be honest, because I’m always considering her feelings more than the others do -(much to the amusement of my crew, who like to point out that I didn’t want a dog, but constantly consider her care) but in my opinion, she is a dog, not a human, and I do draw a line.  She has a very good home and is a very happy dog, who knows she is loved and gets quite a good life.  However, I was not going to smell her for what is almost a 2 hour drive, and then smell her every time I got in the car for the next week.  We also took the truck on this trip, which she could be perfectly comfortable in.  We could put her in the truck bed, close to the cab, secured with a short rope to an anchor in the floor.  She’s just tall enough to lay her chin on the side of the truck bed.  Please note that the two who were most opposed to this would not be riding in the car with the dog 🙂  Yes, I had my way, and the dog seemed to enjoy the trip, since she slept most of the way, but stood up periodically to see where we were and to sniff deeply of the air and get her ears flapping in the wind.  I am just still a bit miffed that I had to argue so adamantly about the issue when I am usually the one saying things like “let’s take her with us since we’re just running errands and she won’t ever be left in the car alone” and “she looks bored – play with her awhile or take her for a walk” and because I am always the one who makes sure she has a kong full of peanut butter to entertain herself with whenever we have to be away for a few hours, and I’m also the one who is always picking up rawhide bones and special treats from the pet store when we are out!  Grrrr.

Then there is the unpacking when you get home, when in this case, every thing must get washed.  I guess the upside is that every thing is squeaky clean for the next camping trip – but I do hope that it doesn’t rain!

We did have a wonderful trip – and even though it rained, my first-time-camper friend says she enjoyed it and will do it again!  There is just nothing like spending a little time in nature, away from all the conveniences nuisances of life.  No phones, televisions, radios, emails, answering machines, doorbells, video games….aaaaahhh.

We sat up until 3am Friday night.  Conversation was just so good and we couldn’t give it up for sleep!  We wimped out on Saturday night and went to bed at a normal hour because we were all pooped!  There’s also nothing like coffee in the woods and campfire cooking.

It is definately a smack in the face to return to civilization, though.  Urg!  It just seems like there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

Sorry – I’ve whined enough – I’m beginning to irritate myself!




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