Green Beans and Pride

4 08 2007

Well I headed off to the farmer’s market this morning for some more of that nostalgia, and to try something new.  With only one large mess of beans in the freezer, I cannot face winter.  I have never bought any green beans that were not White Half Runners, because that’s what my honey’s Maw always bought 🙂  They are wonderful cooked country style with new potatoes, a bit of ham and some chicken boillon, but my aunt inspired me to try something new.  This aunt is one of those people who can whip up a masterpiece with about any handful of ingredients, probably blindfolded, and has been dubbed by my sia (sister) and I as “The cook of cooks in the family” (we all do pretty well- but she stands a notch above for her creativy and ability without a recipe).  She admits to having stolen this particular idea from a restaurant, but it is very consistent with her style and flair.  So you get some Tenderettes (certain type of green bean) and just pinch off the points, wash and gather in a bunch of 6-8 in your hand.  Take a strip of bacon and wrap the bunch, spiral, from one end of the bunch to the other, stretching the bacon snuggly.  Then you place them in a shallow dish and microwave until the bacon is done, and slightly crispy- the beans will be perfect by then.  She says you may have to pour off some drippings half-way through – or if you have a micro-dish that allows for drainage, you’re good to go.  And you thought green bean casserole was the latest thing to do with green beans (which I don’t like, by the way).  I haven’t tried it yet, but I put some pre-wrapped bunches in the freezer for faster use later!  Mmmm! 

I also got some Blue Lake green beans, which she finds more tender and flavorful than the WHR – and just packed them up traditionally.

Just in case you were waiting for some sort of lesson on pride through green beans, I’ll pop that bubble right now 🙂  The pride comes in about what I did before the farmer’s market, which has me feeling very good today.  I woke to the sound of the treadmill about 6:40am, because my honey was working out in the garage, which is below our bedroom.  I had asked him to wake me early, since he is always up and I don’t usually wake early without prompting (he says a cannon, but this is my blog).  Anyway, at first I was a little irritated that he didn’t wake me like I asked.  He does this a lot.  I’m not sure if he is trying to pamper me, or if it is really just that much of a pain to wake me, but I got over it quickly when I credited him for probably realizing that the noise of the treadmill would do the job effectively.  I’m nice like that.  I got dressed in my best clearance-rack-mismatched, sweat-wicking, built-in bra running top and shorts, cushy, arch-supportive socks and running shoes, and pulled back my hair.  At first glance in the mirror I noted that I looked serious about this, and told myself, “You are a runner.  You can do this.  It matters not that you didn’t get all your workouts in last week.” (no – not out loud!), trying desperately not to make eye contact for fear that the doubt in my soul would be evident in my eyes.

I waved to my honey on the treadmill and began the 5 minute warm-up walk.  I had to run 1.5 miles today, and I used all the mental tricks I knew to wash the doubt away in the half mile walk.  I started to run.  The first half mile was good, and pretty easy.  The second half mile was just underway when my honey ran up to join me (his cool down – don’t laugh!).  I was  pleased because I was afraid I may need the encouragement, and knew that I wanted to impress him, which would help me push myself, and because I hadn’t asked him to do this.  As the third half mile began, he smiled at me and said, “Wow, honey.  You getting up and running at 7am – I never, and I mean never dreamed that you would do that.  You are doing great honey – I’m impressed.”  I smiled and ran on.  Not long after this, my stomach began to tighten uncomfortably, and I realized that I hadn’t eaten a thing.  Not a huge deal, really, for a 1.5 mile run, but it was more evidence that I was nervous about this.  I could almost see the marker when I was overwhelmed with something and stopped.  I stood for about 10 seconds in disbelief, not knowing why I stopped, and started again.  I finished, without dropping dead and I’m still on high about it at 3 in the afternoon.  I won’t discount myself for stopping, but I still don’t understand why I did.  I wasn’t feeling pain, and I was regulating my breathing, so I wasn’t out of breath.  I just stopped.  A close friend once told me that I sabatoge my own success because I fear it.  Well, I don’t know, but it comes to mind.  I did finish, though.  And I am very proud of myself for it.  I guess I learned something about myself, too.  And next time, I’ll be more aware of that mental aspect of the sport, and I’ll win that, too.



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5 08 2007

Oooh… those bacon wrapped beans sound good! I have never heard of tenderettes, though. They are called that, it’s not just the smaller beans? Nice freezer side dish, too! Man, we are gonna save so much on our freezer bills this fall and winter! 😉
You go girl with the running. I’m not at that stage in my life right now… Moira still requires too much and inconsistent. But I would imagine it would be so much nicer with a friend.
I’ve got to get on and pull some stuff out of my brain for my blog before it grows cob-webs. Maybe tonight after Moira goes down… maybe not, it’s awfully hot.

5 08 2007

Several different booths at the market had “Tenderettes” as the name on some skinny beans – I don’t think that they are just younger ones this late in the season, but I’m no expert – and it’s a good question!
I don’t mind running alone. It end up having that satisfied feeling that you get when you have some alone time, in addition to the invigorating high that comes after a good workout. It would be pretty hard to talk anyway, and my brain does not stop the entire time!

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