Teacher-Mom Bliss

17 08 2007

Our “school” has been in session for 2 full weeks now, and everything is just rolling along smoothly.  I love the beginning of a new year, when the kids’ attitudes are upbeat and they are motivated to learn and do…and I always blissfully enjoy it without giving much thought to how long it will stay this way 🙂  This year, I’m even telling myself that it may just be fairytale-like all year – don’t laugh! – I can justify this dream!!!!  My kids are older now.  Maybe they finally get it.  Maybe they have internalized my incessant reminders that attitude makes all the difference – not just in school, but in life!  Maybe they finally understand that how they apply themselves now will benefit them later 🙂  Everyone realizes this at some point, don’t they?  And it is possible that my kids could learn this really early in life, right? 

All joking aside, they do seem to enjoy what they are learning this year, and in two weeks time, I have heard their opinions about several things change for the better.  Between them, there were 3 books/subjects that they were not enjoying and were reluctant to comment positively about.  Now I am hearing how as they get deeper in, it is getting better, maybe even good, and I have heard these comments come voluntarily, without solicitation…..a very good sign, indeed!  I hate it when I seem to be the only one who’s excited about the prospects for the year.  It’s nice when the kids share in that. 

Someone who was referred to me through my husband’s work connections called from California today to talk to me about home schooling.  I hope I helped her.  The laws out there may be different, so I mainly talked about learning styles, recommended a good book on that subject (“How Your Child Learns and Succeeds” by Cynthia Tobias), and pointed her toward unit study teaching and suggested some curriculum to look at, as well as reminding her not to discount local resources, like the library, teacher supply stores and the like.  We talked for over an hour – I hope I didn’t overwhelm her – I have a hard time shutting up once you get me started on something I’m passionate about 🙂

My husband and I were supposed to go to one of those social functions tonight.  You know the ones – where all the people are business acquaintances.  I sort of talked him out of it, and although I am incredibly relieved to avoid it, I’m feeling a bit guilty.  Self-induced guilt is one of my greatest adversaries.  Why should I feel guilty?  It’s not that he really even wanted to go that much, and I do struggle with feeling anti-social sometimes.  It’s just one of those times, and I really didn’t want to do this thing.  Sometimes I can “pull up my boot-straps” and go…..and sometimes I can’t.



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