Fall is in the air (I mean in my head)

28 08 2007

Even though it’s still ridiculously hot here, I woke up feeling Fall.  Rather than the temperature being the gauge for the season’s early arrival for me, it is my state of mind.  Fall is unequivically the best season to me.  The air is earthy and the trees are ablaze with color, but mostly the feeling of fullness and reflection settles in my heart.  It’s just early this year 🙂  My sister-in-law and I hatched a plan on my last visit home to have all the kids’ picture taken together when we are all together for the annual festival next month.  It will be a treasure to all of us to have one photo of our children and all our nieces and nephews – and a wonderful gift for my mom, as well.  Between the four of us, we have 5 boys and 3 girls, ranging in age from 13 to 2 – what a beautiful snapshot this shall be! 

For those of you who were left wondering, I finally made time to research sexing Dwarf Puffers, and it turns out that Beans and Bubba are in fact Beana and Bubba!  I was pretty sure that one of them was a female after having witnesses a sort of dancing/chasing ritual between them on a daily basis that never resulted in anyone getting injured.  Of course, if a puffer intends harm, those teeth ensure that it occurs!  I also discovered that the lack of Java Moss in which to lay eggs may be why Bubba is consistently held off….so I’ll have to do something about that before he gets overly frustrated and gets aggressive.

School is in full swing around here, and I realized this morning that the end of this week will put an entire month of the school year behind us.  It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long – even to the kids.  I’ll take that as a really good indication that the year is going well 🙂

I finally got The Complete Writing Program, and I love it!  I was disappointed in the overall quality of printing, since it looks like something published at home on Microsoft Word and wire-bound at an office supply store, which I could do myself, and it certainly should have been packaged more carefully (one corner got bent up)!  My disappointment was fleeting, however, because what it lacks in appearance is certainly compensated for in content.  Being a lover of writing myself, I thought it would be easy to teach, until I tried it.  How do you teach something that comes natural to you?  After having tried many different programs and approaches, I think I’ve found the one that will do the job.



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30 08 2007

Love the slideshow! I’ve been meaning to do one of these, but my camera isn’t charging so… was that why you changed your theme?
Tagged you for a meme or two. Check it out if you have time.

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