3 08 2007

Much more than what is seen in my post, I have felt down lately.  Sometimes I feel like life is just too hard.  The world seems like it is so far gone on the side of evil that it isn’t worth the effort.  I am certain that we have succeeded in making life so complicated that it is no fun at all.  I am overwhelmed with all that I have to do, and not sure that there is much point in doing any of it. 

As most of you have probably experienced, thankfulness always seems to follow a bout of complaining and whining.  God always shows us that we truly have no reason to have bratty attitudes when we have so much to be thankful for. 

I am quite sure He is smiling (like I smile at my kids when they are so frustrated with something or with themselves and I am a bit amused with their response to it) when He opens a window of revelation to me showcasing a few (notice I didn’t say all- that would take a while) of the many things I have to be thankful for. 

I drove our elderly neighbor to a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and after he struggled with his aged body to get it out of the back seat, he opened the door for his wife, who was in the front seat, and asked if she needed a hand getting out of the car.  She was smiling as she slowly shuffled out and turned to him and said “No, I can get out, I just can’t hop out like Tracey can.  I used to be able to hop out, but not any more!”  He smiled back at her, and I felt like I was intruding on their privacy when I witnessed the look of pure love and complete understanding pass between their smiling faces.  They’ve been married for 55 years.  And they are the sweetest little couple I have ever seen.

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband.  I would not want to bear life without his loving support.  I say would not want to here rather than could not, which would certainly be more romantic, because I once said that I could not bear something that I then had to endure, and though I thought I would die, and certainly wanted to, I did not.  I am thankful that I didn’t.

I am thankful that I am physically healthy, and thankful that I have had the desire and motivation to enhance that health by becoming physically fit, rather than living with a level of health that is something much less than I am capable of.  I have never liked waste of any kind, but in retrospect, that has to be one of the worst kinds of wastefulness that I have participated in, and I hope I don’t ever do it again. 

I am thankful for the children that God has given me.  They are such a blessing.  God is always using them to grow me in so many ways, and he shows Himself to me through them in a million ways.  He shows me my flaws through them as well, so that I am humbled, either by letting me see how they are like me, or how they are not. 

I am thankful that my extended family is all still here with me, and pretty healthy.  I lost one grandparent when I was in the second grade, and although I still miss him and would love for my children to have known him – all the rest are still here- what a blessing! 

I am thankful for all the things that I have which make my life easier and more enjoyable (ironic, huh?) that I do not need and that many do without.  I often tell myself that I didn’t have all this stuff in the past, and I could live without it – but I ignore the fact that I am very sure I would complain.  Now that’s not saying that I can’t live with less, but as much as I don’t like to admit it, I have become accustomed to certain things that although unnecessary, have blessed my daily life, and I would be a liar if I said it would be easy to learn to live without some of these comforts.  It angers me to think I am spoiled in any way, but….

So I am thankful.

I have no reason to ever complain, but I am human, and I justify it easily when I feel like doing so.  But my God is merciful.  He smiles at me and opens the window, so that I can look out and see how good I have it. 


1 08 2007

Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing

When you travel, you’re looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup.

All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You’ll figure out the rest.

You’re not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right.

What’s Your Travel Personality?

Went to this from Meg’s Garden.  Fun.  Only it makes me admit how badly I need a long vacation – haven’t had one in two years 😦  Yeah, we’ve had a few weekend getaways, but I honestly believe that everyone needs atleast a week a year away from everything that they do on a daily basis.  You know what?  My husband works with Europeans, and they told him that in Europe, most good jobs have a standard of 4 weeks paid vacation a year, compared to the 2 weeks given in the US.  Hmmm.