Time in a bottle

17 09 2007

If I could save time in a bottle – I wouldn’t be rich, because there’s no way I’d sell it!  Share, yes, sell, no.  Some things are to precious to turn for profit.

I have been blissfully buried up to my eyeballs in life.  I say blissfully because it hasn’t been bad, just busy:)  Very busy.  All of the stuff I said last post about never having enough time to do/experience all that I want has been truly the case for the last….days?  weeks? how long has it been?  I’ve actually lost track of time, so there’s your proof that I’m not exaggerating!

 So what’s been going on, you wonder.  Well, I have cleaned house relentlessly to still live in what I consider to be a dirty house.  I have done laundry and suspect foul play – ’cause it’s still piled up somehow!  Arrg!  And I have started several things:  making a logbook for letterboxing, organizing our digital music collection, learning to hand-carve stamps, learning to use my husband’s cast-off palm pilot, and catching a fish serial killer.  I have finished nothing! LOL!

I have made progress, though, and that simply must count for something, or else I’ll crack up.  My logbook design is complete, and I have gathered all the materials needed and begun to stitch.  Here’s the fabric:

 Logbook cover fabric


After 12 hours in front of the computer screen (not all at once – what do you think I am?), our digital music collection is organized, but 2 of the 3 i-tunes libraries are not cooperating, and each title must be manually connected to the file where it is located.  Technology is so wonderful, isn’t it?  I have successfully carved one stamp and don’t even have the graphics ready for the series I have planned.  I don’t get this palm pilot.  I think it will be a big help once it’s synced with outlook, but I can’t figure it out so I’ll have to call in my honey on this one.  And as far as the fish serial killer, I have a suspect in custody.  Case almost solved.  He is a new 2-inch full-grown male Dwarf Gourami, who is believed to have been driven to kill out of frustration caused by his inibility to establish territory in a tank with 2 other males.  He managed to stress and bump 10 helpless victims to death before he was caught.  No others have died since he was removed from the scene of the crimes 48 hours ago, so he is about to be found guilty. 

I also had the pleasure of seeing Aretha Franklin perform at the dinner my honey and I had to go to.  That was worth having to dress up for!  I have complained about these “work-related social gatherings” requiring monkey suits, but this one had me grinning.  She’s still got it!  And somebody finally made one of these things fun!  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  That woman can sing!

So here’s a riddle for you:

Why is it that during the school year, I am full of ideas for things to do with my time, anxious to tackle projects that I don’t have time for, and always manage to take on more than I can do, but during the summer, when I am not as time restricted, I get depressed and goal-less.  All summer I could have carved stamps, letterboxed and cleaned the house from crack to crevice…..but I must’ve been disoriented by all the free time, I guess, ’cause I sure don’t even remember what I did with it!

I suppose it’s good that I can laugh about it.  Today.

Tomorrow I’m having a “Cookapalooza” with a friend.  We’re cooking 2 weeks worth of dinners to free ourselves of the dinner-time blues.  I’m excited because I’m envisioning all those evenings when I’ll be able to do other things besides cooking dinner and cleaning up the mess, or spending just as much time going out to get dinner.  I should be able to feed my crew a healthy meal, with minimal time and mess, and still have a bit of extra time each day to spend chipping away at the many things I wanna do.  Time.  Not in a bottle, but I’ll take it!




One response

18 09 2007

Your home is always perfectly calm clean… where do you hide all of this “mess”? LOL That fabric pic is spot on! How did you get such a perfect picture?
Now we’ll have all of this free time in the evenings to give to some of this “extra” fun! (Cookapaloosa was fun in its own right!)

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