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24 09 2007

After a lazy weekend, I’m having a bit of trouble getting into the whole “Monday” deal.  I really, truly do hate Mondays.  I never can seem to switch gears!  Even if I work all weekend, either in the house, yard, both, or spend the whole weekend running, Mondays come with a shock that causes me to move slow and think randomly….arg!

I carved stamps this weekend.  That was my big accomplishment for a whole 48 hour period. LOL  It was great big fun, though.  If you had asked me before I tried it if I thought I’d like carving stamps, I would’ve said “Probably not – too much sitting still and nit-picky details.”  But, wow, would I have been wrong!  Not about it requiring sitting still, great attention to detail, and patience, but that I would enjoy it.  I spent almost 2 hours on one stamp!  (And it turned out lovely, by the way:)  My ability to have a lazy weekend was noticed by my kids.  My son asked me if I was ok,  and my daughter pointed it out last night and gave me a round of applause! LOL!  I ususally do have a hard time sitting still.  The length of a movie is about all I can take unless I’m ill or have worked myself to near death.  But I have found a way to allow my body to rest and keep my mind totally busy – stamp carving.  The only problem now is keeping enough carving medium around and having something to carve.  I haven’t found a way to enjoy finding an image to carve, by the way.

Much to do this week, though, and I want to get my run in before it gets hot out there, so adios!




One response

26 09 2007

I can’t wait to find some of your Master carvings! Glad you found the hitch hiker… are you gonna make me go back to my box to check out the stamp? LOL
Tammy :):):)

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