In Low Gear

3 10 2007

Just in case you’ve missed me – I have not disappeared mysteriously.  But I am a separated from my computer temporarily, as well as from my normal routine, regular responsibilities, and my kids.  I cannot tell a lie.  It is glorious:)  After a couple of wonderful days putting miles on the car, walking on the beach, exploring an historic lighthouse and taking pictures that will never do justice to the beauty my eyes have beheld, I am now in a quiet, secluded apartment overlooking lush green paddocks and trees dripping with Spanish Moss.  I am spending my days reading Michener’s The World is My Home, doodling, watching a bit of television and generally just doing whatever I feel like doing at the moment.  I’ve never experienced this before, atleast not being away from home.  Usually if I have a day to myself, I am at home, and I catch up on work that is behind.  I can’t do that here – and it’s nice.  I can’t even check my email.  That bugged me at first, but I’m over it:)

I do miss the kids sometimes.  I have talked to them once, and my honey has talked to his mom to see how they are are what they’re up to.  They are in a town where both sets of grandparents, a great-grandfather, two aunts and an uncle and countless cousins live, so they are getting some rare quality time with extended family.  It’s way overdue!

Since my honey has to work all day, I’m cutting this short to spend this time with him.  Just thought I’d write a bit while his laptop is available.  I’ll tell you all about the trip when I get home!




2 responses

5 10 2007

Missing you, but it sounds like you’re having a ball!

12 10 2007

Ok T, you need to hop back on the blogging wagon. I haven’t had my fix enough since you’ve been back. 😉
Tammy :):):)

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