Catching up

15 10 2007

I’m ba-ack!!  Ok, so I’ve been back for a week now, but it doesn’t really count, ’cause I wasn’t really all back – I mean, I’m still just not into the routine….

I’m revealing a  bit of troubled mind, here, but it was reeeaaallly hard to get back into the swing of things…I was almost depressed for the first several days back home.  It’s not that I don’t love my kids, love homeschooling, and my life, but I go through the days feeling overwhelmed all the time.  I rarely feel satisfied with what I’ve been able to accomplish and I can’t seem to keep from overbooking myself.  Not that other people would consider me overbooked, but I am most of the time by my own standards.  Sure, we don’t give up family dinners or anything to run constantly like many families do, but personally I just don’t get enough down time.  That’s because I haven’t mastered having down time at home.  If I am home, I am on duty.  It’s tiring.  Many times I ride with my honey to simply drop a kid off for an activity just so I can get out of the “office” and not be doing anything.  I have to learn.  I’ve been trying.  Running.  Letterboxing.  Blogging.  They are all attempts at finding time for me that doesn’t feel like work.  I am learning, I think.

Enough self-analyzing for now.  My trip…..I promised beautiful pics.  First, let me outline the trip.  Honey and I drove south until we reached Savannah, GA….lovely, lovely city…..checked into the hotel and went straight to Tybee Island to the beach.  It was late evening and we only got about an hour before it was dark, but we had just enough time to fill our lungs with salt air, get our hair all messed up with beach winds, feel the sand between our toes and allow the waves to wet our pant legs.  I took some beautiful pictures of the Tybee Island lighthouse illuminated against the setting sun, and went back to the room to fall asleep to the sound of the surf still ringing in my ears.

Next morning, we headed to Daytona Beach, and the hotel graciously gave us an early check-in, after which we suited up and hit the beach again.  We’d never been to Daytona, and frankly I wasn’t impressed as far as beaches go, but it was sand and salt air, so I wasn’t complaining – I was smiling like the Cheshire Cat!  The pier was about a mile away, and we walked there twice in the one day we were there!  (So, I didn’t run, but I did walk about 5 miles that one day:)  Next morning we checked out and drove down to Ponce Inlet lighthouse for a wonderful tour and found a great little dive for lunch right on the water, and then headed for Ocala.  It was hard leaving the coast, but the wind and water were rough.  We watched a young man get rescued by a lifeguard on a walk to the pier, and the following day the evening news told of a tragic drowning on the same stretch of beach….we took their advice and stayed out of the water, but even knee-deep, the rip currents were very strong.  At the top of the lighthouse, we were advised to be careful and hold on tight, because winds were gusting at 40mph – which was easy to believe once you were up there.  In case you didn’t know, Ponce Inlet lighthouse is the second tallest in the country.  It took us up 203 steps!  I already loved lighthouses, but had never visited one, now I’m hooked and want to see them all.  My favorite picture has always been the one by Jean Guichard.  I now have it (a gift from my honey that was painstakingly brought home from this trip) and plan to hang it where I’ll see it every morning – right over my bed!

The next 5 days I spent in the apartment above the stallion barn while my honey worked.  It took a day or two to adjust to being so free…without feeling bored, but then I really enjoyed being able to take the day as it came.  When his work day was through, my honey and I went out for dinner, drove around a bit and learning our way around, did a tiny bit of shopping and found one letterbox, and then the week was gone and we headed north.  On the way home, we spent the night in South Carolina and skipped off to an island one last time before saying goodbye to the coastal smells and sights.  We found our next vacation spot, I think!  Hunting Island.  Oh, we did fall in love with it.  When you check out the pics, you’ll see why.  If you stand on the sand, you have the ocean on one side and the forest on the other.  There is no barrage of tall buildings, concrete and tourist shops.  There are no restaurants and sidewalks, no noise of traffic.  Just you and the coast.  I didn’t think we had any places like that left in this country.  It was therapeutic:)  There was a letterbox there, too.  Hee hee.  Perfect!

Finally, the pics….

I’ll tell you about the KY vs. LSU game later!




One response

18 10 2007

Beautiful! That one tree where you had lunch was magnificent! And I don’t believe I’ve ever heard the phrase “can’t see the lighthouse for the trees”… but that pic just might insipire the revision!
I’m happy to have you back, though (but not in a selfish way). Maybe next time I’ll go with you and I’ll be just as happy to have you gone! LOL
Every time I hear of Daytona, it is usually with disappointment… unless it’s a colleg student talking, hmmm…
I would love to go around the entire coast of Florida and include the Keys. My Dear Heart would like to travel on a boat down the Mississippi… maybe we could combine the two! Gulf Coast was wonderful when I was there several years ago.

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