Blessings overflowing

18 10 2007

I promised to tell you about the UK vs. LSU game….it was sooooooo awesome.  I like football, but I had never had the opportunity to see a college game at this level!  I could seriously do that every weekend – and no, it wasn’t just because WE WON!!!!  But that was priceless…:) 

We were blessed with Suite seats through a contact my honey has from work, which was very, very gracious, by the way!  We went early because we were also invited to a tailgate party by one of my honey’s co-workers, who just so happens to be an LSU fan, ’cause he’s from Louisiana…so there we were, in a sea of blue, under a tent riddled with purple!  Boy, can these guys cook, though.  I tried authentic shrimp and chicken gumbo and low country boil, and it was goo-oood:)  I make low county boil, but there’s was much hotter (translation: better) and it set my lips on fire, which is a good thing, to me.   I was given “neutral-colored” (silver) mardi gras beads to wear, and we headed for the suite.  The view was incredible.  The suites are around the endzone areas, and of course, way up, so it was just beautiful.  I think the most beautiful thing of all, though, was the sound of thousands of football fans heartily singing the words to our national anthem as the band played it.  The game was really good, and I’ll spare you all the details, because if you care at all, you’ve seen/heard the highlights:)

My son’s birthday is this weekend, and every year I am taken aback when I stop to think about how much he’s grown.  Sometimes I still see that dark-haired baby boy with the heart-melting brown eyes, or hear that little toddler voice, saying, “Peeese?” for “Please?”  I’m looking up at him slightly, now, and I am so proud of the man he is becoming.  He’s got a bright future ahead of him, and I don’t mean just by the world’s standards.  I’m anxious to watch his life unfold. 

My daughter and hubby went to a father/daughter dance this week, and it felt so good to watch them head out the door together, both smiling and eager to have an evening alone.  They went out to dinner first, and when they returned, and I got the report from my daughter, I learned that my honey actually danced – pretty much the entire time – and evidently taught her how to swirl.  They seemed to have had a wonderful time, and I am so thankful that God has given me a man who knows how important it is for young girls to have their daddy’s hearts and be taught what a Godly man looks like and how he treats women.

I am truly blessed.




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