What a wimp!

26 10 2007

I feel like such a wimp!  LOL  I guess it’s good that I can feel like a wimp and still laugh about it.  I’ve been disconnected for the better part of this week because our network was down.  It turned out to be the router, so we replaced it.  My computer has been downstairs in the kitchen for – I don’t remember how long – and the cable connections are not.  One is in the living room, where I do not want the computer (not that there’s room in there for it anyway) and the other is in the loft, upstairs.  During the setup of the new router, the computer had to be temporarily set up wired, which means I had to cart it upstairs and connect it 🙂  Then, after creating a wireless connection, I left it up there for a few hours and kept going back to get online and jump around, just to be sure that the wireless connection was gonna fly – ’cause I sure didn’t wanna get the thing back downstairs and set up just to discover problems which would require a wired connection to solve!  So I guess there’s just too much interference, or something, because I got an error message about 3 times in just a couple of hours.  So I gave up.  Ten years ago I may have decided that it was going to work if it took me 3 days to make it work, but I am just simply too busy and too worn out with these little irritants of life to bother.  I announced that the computer desk was about to be relocated.  The kids moaned, and snickered.  They know what happens when I make such a decision:  everybody drops what they are doing and works until I say, “Mission Accomplished.”  They rallied.  K pulled out all the desk drawers and moved them one at a time to the loft.  J helped me move the desk – or should I say I helped him?  Arg!  There was a time when my husband would come home from work to find an entire room full of furniture rearranged, everything having been dusted, fluffed, and vaccuumed under!  I usually managed to do some laundry and get dinner cooked on those days as well as keep a young one busy, happy and not underfoot to be plowed down by a runaway sofa! 

This was certainly not the case yesterday!  My son and I moved this desk downstairs 2 or 3 years ago -when he was younger, smaller, and weaker -and it wasn’t that hard then!  Now don’t visualize my huffing, puffing and straining during the moving of the desk – it seemed hard, but not overly so.  Today, however, my wimpiness is clear.  I ache.  I don’t know how to even describe it.  It is difficult to bend; the stairs are murder on my legs, and I wouldn’t even try to sit in the floor and get back up.  If I fall, I guess I’ll stay there. 

I forced myself to run this morning – I woke up pretty stiff and figured that it would be best to loosen me up.  I’m glad I did it early – ’cause had I waited an hour, it wouldn’t have happened.  Is my son alright, you may be thinking….must’ve been a heavy desk.  Yes.  He’s feeling nothing, and is outside weed-wacking as I type.  I know I couldn’t even pick that darn weed-wacker up right now! 




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27 10 2007
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[…] ttjk added an interesting post today on What a wimp!.Here’s a small reading:One is in the living room, where I do not want the computer (not that there’s room in there for it anyway) and the other is in the loft, upstairs. During the setup of the new router, the computer had to be temporarily set up wired, … […]

30 10 2007

I have those days! And, please… if I do fall, dust me off every once in a while, cause I ain’t movin’! And I rearrange our living room furniture at least twice a year. Sometimes completely, sometimes just a piece or two to accomodate the Christmas tree. hehe.
That other comment you have is spam… I got one like that the other day that went through… I’m not sure why the spam thing didn’t catch it.
I guess you’ve recuperated by now. 😉

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