Happy Letterboxer News

12 11 2007

I felt well enough today to think straight!  Ok, so I still can’t breathe half the day, but I can stay awake and I can think!  I’ve had a letterbox ready for planting for about a month now, and since we had lovely weather and I feel like myself again, my son and I planted it 🙂 🙂 🙂  It was a lot of fun!  The clues to my first plant were so dull and boring.  I was rushed and I just couldn’t get creative under the pressure.  Today we spent two hours planting and writing clues, so it should be a fun one to find.  I also have already been sitting here for too long typing the clues into www.atlasquest.com and having much trouble doing it the way I wanted to.  I wanted to design a clue page in my scrapbook software, save it and post it on the website as a photo clue, but the site couldn’t open it after I went through all the trouble of designing it and so I had to type it all up again!  I hope I don’t have any typos in it 🙂  Like I said before: been sittin’ here entirely too long – adios! 



One response

29 11 2007

I came upon a virtual letterbox that linked to a picture clue… so maybe next time try putting it here on your blog and redirecting atlas quest here! I haven’t tried it yet, though. 😉
And, it was fun! Can’t wait to find Fwoggy.

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