Frankfort theme boxes…almost done!

28 08 2008

Well, school is in full swing around here, both at home with K and in the public high school my J is now attending.  He isn’t having much homework yet, so we’re still enjoying stressless evenings around here for the time being.  Both kids have the sniffles already, which I really don’t get, considering that this family rarely gets sick as a general rule, and this is way too early!  I’m really missing taking J on the field trips more than anything else right now, but not as much during the school day, because K and I are having some very nice one on one.  I do believe we are enjoying Science this year more than anything.  We’re doing Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Flying Creatures of the Sixth Day, and it is, in a word, fascinating.  If Science were like this when I were her age, I might’ve both learned something and liked it!  We’ve skipped past the bird chapters so that we can save those for spring, when it will make more sense to study birds, so we’re studying insects.  Now I don’t like creepy crawly things of any kind, but here I am catching myself checking on the pair of crickets K captured for observation.  I didn’t know it was so easy to tell a male insect from a female – I’ve had more trouble sexing kittens!  The female’s ovipositor just sticks right out there for all to see 🙂 

Enough about school!  The real story here is that my goal of finishing my letterbox series (which technically is going to be a group of theme-related boxes rather than a series, since they’ll be listed seperately) by the end of the month is going to be realized!  All the logbooks are done (but I’m a bit concerned about their durability – I’m new at this type), and most of the stamps are carved.  I have images for the couple left to do, and I have already begun preparations for mounting them.  I’ve been working on these all summer, really, just not as often as I could have.  I was held back mentally by the fact that some of them are going to be tough plants as far as finding a suitable spot in the particular area it is meant for.  I didn’t think about that when I chose the subject of each box; I just went with what interested me most.  I’ll be so thrilled to get these out there – the research on them was very interesting…but of course, I’m a history buff 😉

I’m trying to drum up some interest in letterboxing among some other women I know.  I can hardly believe that some people don’t even know what it is, or that when they hear, aren’t responding, “How cool! Can we go right now?!”  LOL  That’s how I felt!

I’m hoping that these boxes will entice others to visit Frankfort for boxing.  There are already lots of great boxes here, but there’s fixin’ to be 9 more!!!  I’m going to do my best to write clues rather than directions, since that’s what I like best as well…so I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be able to get them planted.  My goal is by the 15th, but in my heart I’m hoping that the upcoming 3-day weekend will see them all in their little hiding places – or atleast most of them.



One response

2 09 2008
Tammy :):):)

OK… now you have me drooling!
I’m no in the frame of mind right now to plant, but I want to replant the ones that have gone missing from EF park… maybe into a different park and work up something good for my September box that I missed last year. I’ve got a few spots around town that I think would be great plant sites… but those are even further back on the burner.
Suffice it to say, hunting a few would be GREAT for my inspiration and a kick in the pants!
I haven’t checked on the oone in the hedgerow at EF… I’ll go check on it today, maybe. Make sure you’re not looking for a lost cause!
Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. family is leaving later today, so it’s almost back to the grind!

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