Chomping at the Hiking Stick

11 02 2009

Well this is gonna be short.  Surgery is done.  No cancer (woo-hoo!)  Recovery sucks (don’t even raise an eyebrow – it does).  I feel like doing stuff, I just can’t

I refuse to be sucked into frustration over the strong possibility that I won’t get 100 hiking miles in by May – ’cause you just can’t forsee some obstacles.

I also refuse to complain that I didn’t get to letterbox today as planned because it rained.  I’ll do it tomorrow! (I don’t have to hike, and can walk to this series, so it’s allowed 😉

I have some stamps to carve in the line-up…a stamp for the GS troop to use as a passport stamp at an International event to celebrate World Thinking Day – we’re representing Germany, so I’m carving the Brandenburg Gate for that, and I agreed to carve a stamp that attempts to convey what I believe makes KY beautiful for a 50 states gathering (that is too far away for me to attend – but I love the idea of having my stamp represent KY there) and I finally decided on an image for a 9-box bunch themed for the Capital city of KY – Frankfort.  So I can do that while I’m waiting to hit the trails 😉

And I’ve picked up the scrapbooking bug I once abandoned.  You find different stuff to do when you get sick of sitting.  More about that later – I’ve been sitting here long enough to feel quite a bit of discomfort and must get up.

Short and sweet satisfying.