Letterboxing is in the air!

8 03 2009

I said I was going to bed, but here I sit…  I have to pass the computer on the way to bed, and I had just come upstairs after setting my letterboxing backpack right on the counter near the door so I wouldn’t forget to grab it on my way out in the morning.  After church tomorrow, the whole crew is going boxing in a new town.  The best part is that it’s my brother’s town, and his whole crew is going, too – and they’ve never been!!!  Awesome, huh?  Finally roped ’em in persuaded them to try it 😉 

Anyway, as I passed the computer, I realized that the one essential that wasn’t in my backpack was clues…like we’d get very far without those (hee-hee).  Soooo, I had to boot up and decide which ones looked most enticing, then couldn’t resist unloading some energy here.

We (gs troop) had another cookie booth today, and the weather was so much nicer for this one.  The wind was wild, but the temp was perfect!  And it is about time.  Kentucky winters are way too slow movin’ out for spring (not that I’m claiming that that’s what’s happening right now – I don’t count my chickens…)

So I am about to get my image settled for a Beautiful 50 states:  KY stamp.  The stamp will be part of a big gathering somewhere (I can’t remember where at the moment – it’s late), but I’m finally about decided on the image.  Expressing what is beautiful about my state in a stamp is quite more difficult than it sounded once I really started  trying to figure out what to carve.  I don’t know about the logbook yet… nothing like procrastinating till the last minute.  I’ll just have to set some time aside this week to complete the box.

Gotta go to bed now.



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