Last Minute Luau

23 06 2009

Today the sun shines!  The sounds of giggling and squealing make time move slowly, and bring back memories of baking in the summer sun with a pitcher America The Beautiful...Kentucky Stamp Image 177of Kool-Aid and Tupperware cups waiting on the picnic table in the shade.  Better than the liquid to quench thirst was the cool concrete patio on my legs as I sat drinking.  What did we play?  Funny that those memories are fuzzier…

My nephews are here for a day or two, and though there’s a huge age difference between them and my own two children, there’s no awkwardness in their fun.  The youngest in this foursome will soon turn 4, and the oldest will be 16 in October – but they are playing uninhibited by the years between them.  My son discovered a bag of water balloons in his room left over from last suTwo Coolmmer, and the group is gloriously filling and bursting them, squealing with delight and giggling at one another.  My daughter’s leftover January Birthday Luau (indoor, of course) party stuff is decorating the patio and lunch will be served up using tropical plates, cups and napkins. 

So sweet 🙂 

Since my “way cool” pre-teen and teen would just melt with embarrassment if I posted their pics from this party, I will reward their loving way of showing their younger cousins a good time by not doing that!  Since it has been a while since I posted their mugs, though, I’ll get away with a nice recent shot 🙂



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