We all have many reflections that look back at us in the mirror.  Some of those are what everyone sees, some are seen only be those who know us well, and others are more private still.  As we grow, we discover even more faces in the looking glass….it is a journey of discovery.

I share some of these reflections of self in my pages, and try to discover more of me along the way.

Who peeks at you when you look yourself in the eye?


I am a woman of God who has a blessed 23-year marriage to the love of my life, mama of a college-age son and a teenage daughter, retired home educator, reader, quilter, gardener, dog-owner, hiker, camper, cook, and eternal optimist.

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31 05 2007
Tammy Bailey

Dropping in real quick to leave a comment this morning. So how late were you up last night? 🙂 Looking good! Now I’VE got to go get ready for this morning’s trip!

27 08 2007

Are you really a neat freak? I always thought they fraked over messy areas… you don’t seem to do that…. oh no! You’re a closet neat freak!!! 🙂

28 08 2007

I would call myself a “recovering neat freak”, I suppose! LOL
My ongoing therapy consists of having children, homeschooling and more recently, intense therapy including getting a dog. I tend to stay “neat-freaky-less” for weeks at a time at this point in my recovery, but I do have consistent and regular setbacks, which are very stressful for me and my supporters. During these episodes of regression, I will often cry out of frustration with the mess I have been living in and work myself (and my supporters) into an exhausted, squeaky-clean hangover 🙂
I recall my life before therapy – I was so neat-freakish that visitors felt uncomfortable in my house, which was part of what led to my determination to change. Once I analyzed whose homes I felt most comfortable in and why, and compared that to the behavior of people who visited my house, I began the steps to change.
I am glad to hear that my past is not always evident.

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