4 12 2013

So many times in the last few weeks I’ve wanted to post, but craziness steps in.  Craziness?  you ask.  Yes.  It seems that everything comes at once, sometimes.  My website was launched, and I’ve been busy promoting it with business cards, displaying my quilts at a craft bazaar, and using Facebook to get the word out.  Of course, I’ve also got myself busy with too many projects at once, and I can hear Lucy van Pelt saying, “It’s your own fault, Tracey Lynn!”  Haha.  It is.  But I just can’t help it!!!! Let me explain.  When Pieces by Polly offers a quilt-along, I just HAVE to do it.  Her patterns are quick, simple and so original.  I think the next step will be to sew the rows… 20131204-111843.jpg And then when I was asked to participate in Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt with the ladies at the guild, I just had to say yes, because I’ve never done a mystery quilt before, and it’ll be more fun to do it with others, right?  Here’s my stash for that…


And if I’m going to sell t-shirt quilts, it’d be wise of me to always have one in the works – if I don’t have an order to work on, I should work on one for our family to have more examples to show (I literally have 5 stacks of tees for different quilts), or I should work on one to sell outright (I’ve collected Kentucky Wildcat tees from thrift stores to make a fan quilt to sell).


I’m behind on the Craftsy 2013 BOM,


and I bought fabric to make a table runner for a friend, which I haven’t started yet. IMG_0949I haven’t finished the pattern I was making for an EPP bag – my little town has two stores that sells zippers, and both were out of stock of the color zipper I needed.  So the project got set aside and I’ve yet to finished it…except for buying those zippers when they came in 😉

I need about a week of full days to quilt to get current, but that’s where it gets crazy…. It IS the holiday season, so there has been cooking and decorating and extra family time…(no shopping yet).  To make it all crazier, there’s a ton of underlying stress in our house….

Though I have not had a job outside this home in more than 20 years (other than volunteer work), I now have to get a job.  We sacrificed financially while I homeschooled our children and I have stayed home since I stopped doing that three years ago (well I did go to school long enough to get an AS), but now, I can’t stay home any longer.  We are sinking.

My son’s friend was diagnosed with Leukemia in September and has undergone a transplant and been in a coma since.  I cannot get her off my mind.  I am thinking about her and praying for her, my son, and her family constantly. I haven’t even met her, but my son has spoken of her almost daily for over a year…I feel like I know her, and my heart is just breaking for him. Reading her brother’s blog just makes me cry. Every time there’s a new post I think maybe it’s the one saying she’s awake.

And I cry entirely too much.  That makes it hard to do anything.  Not sure what’s going on there, but maybe some PTSD from my mom’s stroke this past spring.  Maybe winter is affecting me – but I AM taking my D3 and using my daylight bulbs.  I don’t know.  I am super-stressed about having to get a job, too. Maybe it’ll help today to just have gotten some of that in type.  Now I’m going to turn on K-Love and quilt.  Therapy.

Gettin’ on the Soapbox

12 03 2009

For a quick update on the last post, the stamp illustrating my opinion of what makes Kentucky beautiful is coming along.  My son did know someone who is an excellent artist, but I wavered and then changed my mind about getting help.  I determined to do it myself for two reasons, the first one being purely sensible:  my son pointed out that I couldn’t very well ask this person to design a stamp for free.  I hadn’t thought about that – my only thought had been getting help 😉  Then after I had agreed to compensate the artist and tried to convey to my son what I wanted, I struggled to believe that I had a great chance of being 100% happy with the work, and could end up paying and still not having a stamp image, not to mention that I’d be pushed for time with the days spent depending on someone else (and I am not good at that).  So I commited myself once again to the task and am on the verge of having on paper what I had in mind.  Most importantly, the work will be entirely mine, which was the other reason I changed my mind about getting an artist – I really want it to be mine, even if the artwork may not be noteworthy.

I have lots of little errands to do today which will do much to clear my to-do list of  nagging interruptions in regular duties.  Though I typically put such things off till the last minute, it is always completing them that makes me feel most satisfied with the day’s accomplishments.  So why don’t I just do them as soon as they go on the list?  Pshaw, if I knew that, I could council others on their procrastination!

I got an email this morning directing me to a news article about a North Carolina judge forcing a homeschooling mother to enroll her children in public school this fall.  Without recapping the story or expounding on the apalling comments he made (because you can google it yourself if you’re interested) I must say that I am utterly disappointed in the increasing incidence of loss of rights in this so-called free country.

Now before you go making assumptions about my views on every aspect of freedom, let me say that this is just one more area, like gun-control and socialistic tax reform that some people’s views on are seriously off – and it ain’t mine!  This is America – a country that was founded on rebuking unreasonable control by government, and we are inching closer and closer to becoming exactly what our founding fathers were rebelling against!  It will be a dark, dark day in the Land of the Free when law-abiding citizens can’t buy guns, while the criminals would continue to get them the same way they always have, when wealth earned by hard-working, motivated tax-payers is “spread” to those who refuse to get off their butts and realize that the world doesn’t owe them jack, or when families who spend their own money on their own curriculum, often sacrifice a second income so one parent can teach, strive to offer their children an educational advantage in a competitive world, and commit themselves to being solely responsible for their children’s morals are told that they cannot choose this path.

Parents can beat, molest, neglect, and/or mentally and emotionally abuse their children and the government carefully tiptoes around their “rights”, often to the detriment of the child; but parents who choose to homeschool, which is in no way easier than plopping them in a government school where books, food and transportation are all free and if the kid doesn’t fare well in life, responsibility can be blamed on someone else to boot, are being targeted.

What is this country coming to?

I’m gettin’ down from the box now 🙂  I feel better!

Where’s the Draught When You Need It?

6 01 2009

Can it rain anymore? This soggy ground is spoiling my hiking goals! Yes, of course I can hike in the rain. But I don’t want to 😀   It’s not that I think I’ll melt, but I’m sure I’ll have to clean muddy shoes and a muddy car -not really worth it! (I’m feeling more and more like it’d be worth it the longer I have to wait, though.)
The most frustrating thing of all is that this summer, when the grass is scorched, the pavement is threatening to burst into flames and the flowers look like month old cuts in a forgotten vase, there won’t be a rain cloud within miles!  I’m aware that complaining about the weather is fruitless and whiny to boot, but I’ll indulge myself anyway 🙂

School is still going very well on all fronts. Both children, the one tired of bringing home hours of homework each week (turning school days into 12 hour shifts) and the one who sleeps in and still gets all the work done by the afternoon hours were very, very ready for Christmas break! It came just at the right time, and lasted just about for the right amount of time, although we’ve taken an extra week most years before this one. I could stay on break indefinately, however, because I have lots of hobbies and interests to pursue that just get barely paid attention to when school is in session. Maybe empty nest syndrome won’t affect me so greatly…
Nah. I’ll probably forget all about my own interests for awhile!
I’ve got quite a few years to avoid thinking about that, but the older my children get, the more it comes to the surface of my musings. I’ve tried to encourage independence in every area from the very start, not at all being one of those parents who felt displaced by the insistent “Me do it!” plea from confident toddlers – isn’t it our job to teach them not to need us?? I’m always perplexed when parents get all worked up over their child’s growing independence. Didn’t they see that coming? Not that I’m not emotional about it sometimes. I think it depends on what it is. For example, I wasn’t at all ruffled when my daughter began to insist on fixing her own hair. A little embarrassed at times, maybe, by her “creative” hairdos (lol), but certainly never feeling regretful about giving up the job! It’s only when their independence cramps my ideals about the way things should be done that I feel a twinge of desire to do it for them – but that is not because I seek their dependence on me. It is because I sometimes just like things done my way 😉 hee-hee
We had wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays, made extra special with more time than usual with family, and the return to reality is both welcome (because it’s fair and unavoidable) and despised (because it would be nice to be together all the time and live on a barter system and scrap this “American Dream Life”).
I’ll close with a quote from a good song: “I wish the real world would just stop hassling me.”

Peeling back the eyelids

21 10 2008

For some reason today I am constantly peeling back the eyelids!  They are quite heavy, without provocation.  Ok, so maybe I didn’t sleep so well, but I do so hate not feeling 100%, no matter what the reason.  The alarm went off at 6am and I pushed the little button to shut it up and just groaned inside.  How can it possibly be morning already?  I don’t want to have today yet!!  After several minutes, my dh groans and rolls into me…I know it’s fake!  He just wants my feet on the floor so he can indgulge in the hot breakfast that he gets when I get up!!  Of course, that doesn’t help, and I defiantly lie still – ’cause I know he’ll give away the fact that he really is awake, since he has NO patience, and he likes a hot breakfast.  I could still hear the water running, so I knew I had a bit of time to kill, since my son was still in the shower and my cooking a few minutes late didn’t cause him to still be in the shower when he’s normally out.  I had only to wait about one full minute when my husband’s arm reaches around to check whether I’m still in the bed, and his hand finds my face.  Now I’m grumpy!  “What in the world are you doing?”  I hiss.  He tries to sound half-asleep when he answers innocently that he just heard my alarm several minutes ago and was concerned that I wasn’t up to make our son breakfast. (HIS breakfast – I know the truth!)  I swung my feet to the floor and curtly replied, “I’m up now.”  and plodded out of the room, passing the still closed bathroom door, proving that my slowness isn’t holding anyone up.  Of course, before the skillet was even hot, the guilt hit me.  I have not made hot breakfasts for my dh on a regular basis since the first child was born – 15 years ago!  He loves the fact that I’ve been doing so since this child started public school in August (at least on week days ;).  He loves it so much that he overlooks the fact that I’m really doing it for our son – and he just happens to benefit, too.  I suppose I was just irritated that it never occurs to him that he could cook breakfast for the two of them once in awhile, and since I was up a lot last night, this morning would’ve been a great day for him to offer.  I found out later that he slept so soundly that he never knew I was up at all.  I guess I’m glad I didn’t disturb him, but part of me would’ve liked the chivalrous, “I’ll stay up with you since you can’t sleep.” part of him to appear in the night 🙂 

Since I was fully awake, and just knew that there was no chance of my being able to fall back to sleep if I tried, I didn’t bother.  I went ahead and made myself and my daughter breakfast as well, and turned on the radio to wake her up (the speakers are in every room).  So we got an early start to the day, and maybe if we manage to hike tonight, I’ll be too tired not to sleep well tonight!

And now you know how much of a morning person I’m not 😉 and yes, I did apologize.  Twice.

Letterboxing foiled! Curse the cold!

2 09 2008

Of all the crappy things to have happen…getting waylayed by a stupid cold on one of the rare three-day weekends in our work-crazed culture has got to be one of the crappiest!  Both kids found this germ midweek and I spent Friday afternoon wielding the disinfecting spray throughout the house.  I soaked every door knob and light switch in the entire place, not only emptied all the little trash cans, but disinfected them before re-bagging, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen sink, and mopped all the floors.  How can a virus get to me in the midst of that?  I seriously don’t know.  I felt fine Saturday, and we all went out and “window shopped”, which means we looked at lots of places, just for fun, but didn’t buy much.  By late afternoon, I was feeling pretty pooped, but figured it was the walking, the heat, and the in-and-out of the car and stores.  Nope.  It wasn’t just that.  My head felt like an anvil by dark and the sneezing and congestion soon followed.  I’m pretty tough, though, so I knew that with some rest, I’d be fine, so I hit the sack early, leaving my crew playing Wii Tennis and snickering at the weakling. 

We’d already volunteered to help in the children’s ministry at church Sunday, (Which is worse: keeping my word and possibly infecting kids with a cold, or breaking my word and leaving them short-handed?) so I swallowed some Coricidin HBP and told myself it’d help me through the day (without any decongestant in it – yeah, right!) and I’d still plant some boxes that evening.  But I had to expend my last energies doing some decluttering, because some extended family called and said they were passin’ through and would stop and visit for a few hours.  Needless to say, I went to bed early again, and the only letterboxing I had accomplished up to this point was wrapping two containers in camo tape.  Pitiful.

But, I still had Monday!!!  Monday was a blur.  I slept shamefully late, and then took a shower, had breakfast, and hit the couch.  My dear, sweet love did the grocery shopping while I slept on the sofa, and I mustered the energy to take our daughter to soccer practice and sit in the car for the hour talking to my mom and drive her home.  We had sandwiches for dinner and I went to bed early again.  Yep, pitiful.

How did the kids manage school feeling like this?  I felt bad for pushing them.  But then again, they had Daytime Tylenol Cold to help them….curse the blood pressure, too!

My feet hit the floor quickly this morning, when my alarm went off at 6 am.  I feel better, and well-rested (I should!)  I went downstairs and made fried eggs with grits and toast for all of us, made my bed, took a shower and started school.  I’m congested, sneezy, and washing layers of skin off my hands, but I’m awake.  Kinda sorta.  I feel a bit foggy.  I’m quite sure I’ll take a nap when we’re finished with school today.  It sucks that a three-day weekend has come and gone, and not one box was planted.  But I really think I can plant a couple before the weekend, and then I’ll hopefully get to plant more then.  <sigh>  Nothing ever goes as planned, does it?

Wanna cut my head off!

8 07 2008

Oh, my gosh!  My head is hurting AGAIN!  I am soooo sick of getting a headache almost every single day!  I have way to much to do to have to deal with this $%(*#@&!!!  I’ve done so well, today, too, so far as getting crap done…

I came home from a weekend away with a ton of laundry (picked up J, who has been at Boy Scout camp all week- plus the dirty clothes from our weekend at my dad’s houseboat), and after a full day of stair-running to keep the clothes circulating from the hampers to the closets, I can see the bottom of all the baskets, as well as the hall floor 🙂 

Of course, my to-do list is always longer than life, and I had bigger goals than clean clothes for everybody today.  My head is just bursting.  And I still have dinner – which should’ve been thought about and begun already, and I had wanted to work on K’s 5th grade curriculum (really just customizing – I have most of it leftover from J), and I wanted a clean master bathroom, and a clean kitchen floor…

I’m gonna pop some Motrin and have a Raw Tea in lieu of cutting off my head, and try to come up with dinner.  I’ll do more than complain next time.  I’ve much in my head – which is probably the problem 😀

In the doldrums

5 12 2007

I guess you’ll have to get used to my inconsistencies….blogging really reveals the true self, huh?  I struggle every year when fall becomes winter (atleast weatherwise) with just being depressed.  I have been uncharacteristically negative, grumpy and down in the dumps, so when that happens, I just avoid people and activities.  Smart, I know.  But true.  I’ve tried to pinpoint the starting point, but it’s a bit foggy, because I kinda emotionally yo-yo for a week or two before I plummet 🙂  I got a bad cold and then my honey had to be away on business for a week, and it got so darn cold!  And it has stayed cold.  The only time I’m warm is when I’m in bed, so I am less productive, too, which really does wonders for my mood.  I ran one time in weeks, on the treadmill in the garage, and my chest and nose hurt with the cold!  I tried again about a week later and was reduced to tears within minutes because I just can’t handle the cold.  I hate it.  So today I moved the treadmill into the kitchen and I will use it until spring, when I will hit the great outdoors.

I’m feeling a little better today, which I’m sure you can guess, since I’m posting.  I ran today, too, which is the greatest high I could want right now.

Hopefully, this mood will stick around awhile.  If so, I’ll post again, soon.  But I’m done for now.

What a wimp!

26 10 2007

I feel like such a wimp!  LOL  I guess it’s good that I can feel like a wimp and still laugh about it.  I’ve been disconnected for the better part of this week because our network was down.  It turned out to be the router, so we replaced it.  My computer has been downstairs in the kitchen for – I don’t remember how long – and the cable connections are not.  One is in the living room, where I do not want the computer (not that there’s room in there for it anyway) and the other is in the loft, upstairs.  During the setup of the new router, the computer had to be temporarily set up wired, which means I had to cart it upstairs and connect it 🙂  Then, after creating a wireless connection, I left it up there for a few hours and kept going back to get online and jump around, just to be sure that the wireless connection was gonna fly – ’cause I sure didn’t wanna get the thing back downstairs and set up just to discover problems which would require a wired connection to solve!  So I guess there’s just too much interference, or something, because I got an error message about 3 times in just a couple of hours.  So I gave up.  Ten years ago I may have decided that it was going to work if it took me 3 days to make it work, but I am just simply too busy and too worn out with these little irritants of life to bother.  I announced that the computer desk was about to be relocated.  The kids moaned, and snickered.  They know what happens when I make such a decision:  everybody drops what they are doing and works until I say, “Mission Accomplished.”  They rallied.  K pulled out all the desk drawers and moved them one at a time to the loft.  J helped me move the desk – or should I say I helped him?  Arg!  There was a time when my husband would come home from work to find an entire room full of furniture rearranged, everything having been dusted, fluffed, and vaccuumed under!  I usually managed to do some laundry and get dinner cooked on those days as well as keep a young one busy, happy and not underfoot to be plowed down by a runaway sofa! 

This was certainly not the case yesterday!  My son and I moved this desk downstairs 2 or 3 years ago -when he was younger, smaller, and weaker -and it wasn’t that hard then!  Now don’t visualize my huffing, puffing and straining during the moving of the desk – it seemed hard, but not overly so.  Today, however, my wimpiness is clear.  I ache.  I don’t know how to even describe it.  It is difficult to bend; the stairs are murder on my legs, and I wouldn’t even try to sit in the floor and get back up.  If I fall, I guess I’ll stay there. 

I forced myself to run this morning – I woke up pretty stiff and figured that it would be best to loosen me up.  I’m glad I did it early – ’cause had I waited an hour, it wouldn’t have happened.  Is my son alright, you may be thinking….must’ve been a heavy desk.  Yes.  He’s feeling nothing, and is outside weed-wacking as I type.  I know I couldn’t even pick that darn weed-wacker up right now! 

Gotta whine…

30 07 2007

Well, I am not a whiner by habit, but boy do I feel whiny today.  I guess it’s just hard for me to spend a weekend in nature, falling asleep to the music of the frogs and crickets and waking up to the twittering of the birdies, lingering over my coffee with my honey and good friends and then have to return to reality – telephones, decisions and work, work, work.  Oh, and a smart-mouthed teenager who obviously is about as happy to be back to the doldrums as I! Wouldn’t want to leave out that lovely “welcome home” bit.

I knew there would be lots of work in the packing and unpacking on the last day, but I wasn’t ready for the mess.  It rained all weekend, sporadically, so everything, and I do mean every thing was splattered with mud along the bottom 12 inches – coolers, tents, chairs, footlockers/storage bins, table legs, shade canopy, poles –every thing – and don’t forget the dog.  I don’t think I’ve ever smelled worse wet dog smell! 

It was bad enough to pack up all the damp, muddy equipment, but then I had to flat out refuse to allow the dog in the car.  Now bear with me, you animal lovers – I love the dog because of what she is to the kids and that she is a very sweet-natured creature, and I am her greatest ally in the house, to be honest, because I’m always considering her feelings more than the others do -(much to the amusement of my crew, who like to point out that I didn’t want a dog, but constantly consider her care) but in my opinion, she is a dog, not a human, and I do draw a line.  She has a very good home and is a very happy dog, who knows she is loved and gets quite a good life.  However, I was not going to smell her for what is almost a 2 hour drive, and then smell her every time I got in the car for the next week.  We also took the truck on this trip, which she could be perfectly comfortable in.  We could put her in the truck bed, close to the cab, secured with a short rope to an anchor in the floor.  She’s just tall enough to lay her chin on the side of the truck bed.  Please note that the two who were most opposed to this would not be riding in the car with the dog 🙂  Yes, I had my way, and the dog seemed to enjoy the trip, since she slept most of the way, but stood up periodically to see where we were and to sniff deeply of the air and get her ears flapping in the wind.  I am just still a bit miffed that I had to argue so adamantly about the issue when I am usually the one saying things like “let’s take her with us since we’re just running errands and she won’t ever be left in the car alone” and “she looks bored – play with her awhile or take her for a walk” and because I am always the one who makes sure she has a kong full of peanut butter to entertain herself with whenever we have to be away for a few hours, and I’m also the one who is always picking up rawhide bones and special treats from the pet store when we are out!  Grrrr.

Then there is the unpacking when you get home, when in this case, every thing must get washed.  I guess the upside is that every thing is squeaky clean for the next camping trip – but I do hope that it doesn’t rain!

We did have a wonderful trip – and even though it rained, my first-time-camper friend says she enjoyed it and will do it again!  There is just nothing like spending a little time in nature, away from all the conveniences nuisances of life.  No phones, televisions, radios, emails, answering machines, doorbells, video games….aaaaahhh.

We sat up until 3am Friday night.  Conversation was just so good and we couldn’t give it up for sleep!  We wimped out on Saturday night and went to bed at a normal hour because we were all pooped!  There’s also nothing like coffee in the woods and campfire cooking.

It is definately a smack in the face to return to civilization, though.  Urg!  It just seems like there’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it. 

Sorry – I’ve whined enough – I’m beginning to irritate myself!

Wastin’ Away again in Internetville…

10 07 2007

It’s not like me at all, but I spent way too much time in front of this screen yesterday…and today LOL!  It just really irritates me when I can’t figure something out – so I really over-do it trying.  Yesterday I was trying to learn more about this whole blogging adventure, and I have so many stumbling blocks that I keep finding myself straying from my learning objective.  I’ll go on a hunt to figure out what RSS feeds are and how they work and I will see buttons or badges, links and music widgets and get totally sidetracked, then end up getting sidetracked from that also before figuring it out.  Whew!  I irritate myself by not being able to remember what I was looking for in the first place.  And then also, of course, I will occasionally get exasperated with the whole process and so I will sign out of blogville and surf the net for other things that I have meant to spend some time on – and then I’ll see something else – well, you get the idea….

I have managed to ignore my household duties and give myself a headache to boot.  Dirty house, irritated mood and a headache and oh, don’t forget the PMS….now this whole thing makes a little more sense….

I did manage to find a really cool free online running log, so atleast I accomplished something.  I had read that I should keep a log and so I bought a little spiral notebook, and that lasted about a week, because I don’t really know what information I should be putting in there.  Anyway, an online log is set up for you to fill in fields that are relevant, so you don’t have to wonder what that is.  After looking at half a dozen or so, I came to the conclusion that there is one that stands above the rest.  If you run (or I inspire you to start), check out 

Some much needed rain has dropped the tempurature and cooled off the asphalt, so I’m gonna hit the road before it heats up again.