Child of God

As a child of God, I strive to see his image in myself more every day, and I know that he watches my progress with the same anticipation and joy that we earthly parents watch our children grow in. I am deeply grateful that He is so merciful and gracious as to allow me a lifetime to learn to reflect Him. There is nothing more humbling than seeking the face of God and comparing that to your current reflection. He is perfect.

The life he has given us is such a wonderful, wonderful trip. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely perfect His plan for me is. I have never experienced anything near as satisfying as allowing my Creator to lead me along the road of life rather than trying to lead myself down it!


One of my favorite books of the Bible has got to be Romans.  There is so much wisdom packed into it.  If we could even begin to live our lives as Paul imlores us to in this book, the world would be so much better.  (Yes, I know – it isn’t supposed to get better, but we believers should be salt and light – so we should get better as the world gets worse!)

Growing Pains

Growth is painful.  Each time I am given an opportunity to grow in the Lord, it hurts.  It hurts because I am humbled by my failings and reminded of just how far I fall short.  It hurts because I have to step outside of my comfort zone and allow God to give me a new, expanded comfort zone.   

God is so good.  I cannot put into words how lost I’d be without Him.

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