I honestly can’t remember not being a reader.  Even before I could read, my mom read to me…but I was a reader then, too…immersing myself completely into whatever was being read.  I can’t say that I’m one of those people who can read anything, though.  I am too choosy for that!

Historical Fiction is at the very top of my list.  For those of you who may have brows wrinkled in confusion….that is what they call it when an author takes historically accurate settings, events, and such, and mingles in fictional characters and/or plot.  It makes history come alive.  It’s like the difference between reading about the effects of the Civil War on the South in a history book and watching Gone With the Wind.  Is there even a contest there?

James A. Michener is the master at this in my world.  I read my first Michener at age 16.  The Covenant.  My high school English class was meeting in the library temporarily to allow us to work conveniently on the current research paper assignment.  I was not in much of a research mood, and I was never much at working on writing assignments until the last minute.  It’s not that I was avoiding – it’s just that the creative juices flowed much better if I just sat down and wrote everything at once, and then edited.   I needed a block of several hours for this, which obviously isn’t available in a 50 minute class. 

 After a few unapproving glances from the librarian, which I had supposed were because I was doing nothing, I looked over a shelf of thick books for something to pass the time remaining.  The Covenant sounded interesting enough to hold my attention for a bit, so I pulled it out and was captivated within minutes.  Needless to say, I checked the book out before leaving for the next class, and was forced to close that book countless times in various classes by various annoyed teachers over the next few weeks.  That book is in my bookshelves as we speak.  Yes, the very same volume.  I simply could not part with it.  I did pay for it, however, as a “lost” book 🙂

I have since purchased every Michener I came across that was not already in my collection, and although I have not read them all (for some reason I don’t get to read as much as I’d like), I  plan to read them all before I die 🙂

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3 06 2007

Here’s a couple of things for you to look at when you have time to piddle. 🙂 I’m going to have to go check out the librarything that is mentioned in the second, WP link. Like the new banner image…

Tammy :):):)

4 06 2007

OK… so here’s the thing… no HTML on wordpress, but you can use XML like I’ve used with Library Thing (which, after I looked at it seemed a bit more in depth than shelfari) on my Book Bliss page. Happy Reading! And talking about reading!

17 10 2008

Hey, I liked the pictures of Gatilinburg! But, the only thing missing is a picture of you and Jackie! Where were they?

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