Promises, promises

9 07 2008

So I promised myself I’d do more than complain this time.  So I lied- or uh, well, I made a promise I couldn’t guarantee, which is pretty much the same, yeah?  I just feel scatterbrained today.  Ever have one of those days when your brain is just mush?  Liar. 

Well, I can’t think.  I got up early, which may be the issue.  I have to blame it on something, don’t I?  For every thing, there is a reason.  I am not a morning person.  I’m not one who does well on little sleep.  Not that I got little, really, just, well, a little less than I like. 

Woke up at 7:40….early by my standards, thank you – and skipped off to the salon to get these highlights retouched.  Now wouldn’t you think that’d be cheaper than getting them done in the first place????  It may take the same amount of time to do, but it certainly requires less color!  Plus I’ve got more “lights” than I wanted.  What can I do but deal?  I’m out 50 bucks plus a tip – what a joke – on me.  I like the highlights, at least when they’re a bit less than what I have now, so I guess next time I’ll call around.  You live and learn.

Taking K today to drop her off at Girl Scout camp with a buddy.  I hope they have good weather.  When we pick her up, we’ll be goin’ campin’ ourselves with our oldest friends….when weather matters not.  Last year when we camped with them, it poured the entire time, but we had a blast.  I was worried that we’d never get them to go again, especially since it has taken us years to get the female counterpart to agree to “rough it” in the first place.  She said she’d had fun – and I guess she did, ’cause gettin’ her to go again met with no resistance whatsoever 😀

Life is good….even if my brain is mush.

I think I’ll treat myself to a Tall White Chocolate Mocha on my way to pick up K’s camp buddy.