All’s quiet on the western front

19 03 2010

Maybe this research on Daniel Boone is getting to me.  Although I haven’t  heard that phrase in a long time, it came to my mind easily this day.  It’s quiet in the house.  I can actually hear birds in this concrete world we’ve created (so sometimes I can block out the factory sounds from nearby, the constant hum of the interstate and the heavy machinery making the road wider so all those people who are going nowhere in a hurry can do so without runnng over each other).  Sarcasm?  Who me?

So I can hear the birds this morning.  The house isn’t technically any quieter, but I guess I’m just more in tune to their chirpings this morning.  Maybe the coffee is working faster??  Who knows.

Anyway.  Last night I had to confess to my husband that I am in love with another man.  He took it well, only smirking at me.  I think he has suspected it for years.  I have 52 copies of the same picture of him that I treasure openly, and I have talked about him many, many times past the point where others wanted to listen.  In truth, though, I think that I could not be a good match for Daniel – he stayed gone from home way too much.  I am too demanding for that!  Not that I’m difficult, I just need lots of quality time in order to be happy in a relationship.  Rebecca was a strong, strong woman.  <sigh>  He is wonderful, though.

Spring “Break” has come to an end for me, as today is the last day.  I hope I can finish up my paper today, and I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that I have another paper due in a month, and no “break” to do it in.  I suspect the topic won’t be so romantic, either….a psychological disorder.  That should do plenty to bring me back to the 21st century.

I must get started, and I think I may try playing some of that classical music I’ve depended on to help me fall asleep this stressful week.  Just real low in the background.  Maybe that will be nice, now that I’m hearing the factory and that darn dozer – or whatever it is!

I wanna elope!

16 08 2008

Ok, so the stress in my current life situation has caused me to lose it!  Ever have a feeling/desire that doesn’t make sense?  As I changed into my PJs for the night (at 8pm- go ahead, laugh yer butt off – but you’ll think of me some day when you do the same thing), I had this fleeting thought that I wish my husband and I could elope.  We’ve been happily married for over 18 years, so I don’t know where the goofy thought came from.  I grinned at myself and thought about how stupid and senseless that thought was, and then I began wondering why my brain came up with that.  I think I know.  Try to stay with me 🙂

So my honey came home last Friday at noon to spend half a day with us before leaving the next morning for a business trip, and as he packed some files and checked his laptop bag for all those things that it needs, he looked up at me and said, “I wish you were going with me.” as I walked by with a stack of laundry to put away.  I stopped and replied that I would love to go, and I saw that look in his eyes that tells me he’s cooking up something in his head.  He then told me that he had hated to ask his mom to come stay with the kids for this trip because she had moved recently, but that she might just want a break, and that he was just going to call and see.  I went back to the laundry and waited to see what he’d work out.  An hour later, he was leaving to drive an hour and a half one way to meet his step-dad and pick her up, and I was headed to soccer practice with our daughter and a billion things that needed to be done running through my fuzzy brain.  I was both thrilled and overwhelmed.  I couldn’t leave my house a mess, and I couldn’t leave my daughter at her first practice to go home and work, either.  I used the hour to organize in my brain what actually needed doing and what could wait.  After practice, I went home and packed, cleaned bathrooms and did laundry until I went to bed.  I made sure to pack a bag of things to do while honey was at work…my Nintendo DS, a James Michener I’ve been creeping through for a year (while stopping to read shorter works), my bible, several images and my carving stuff to work on a letterbox series I want to finish by the end of the month.  That should keep me busy 😀

We drove two days one way (6+ hours each day) to stay three nights and then drive back.  I was sooooo pooped.  We were both surprised at what the trip took out of me.  I felt old.  And it sucked!  It was worth it, though.  We had lots of great talk time in the truck, grown up dinner dates and no kids down the hall at bedtime 🙂  It’s so great to leave behind all my daily grind and get to reconnect with my love. 

So I ran away from my problems, so to speak.  It works for me.  I put off starting school with K for a week, missed the whole three day drama of Freshman Transition and didn’t have to smell the dog or look at overdue cleaning jobs all day.  I carved three of my 9-box series (3 were already done, so I’m getting excited).  I didn’t read any Michener, but I did read James 🙂  I didn’t come any closer to beating Tetris again (I did it years ago on the original Nintendo). And I got to decide not to think about some things today, and put them off for tomorrow.  (Miss Scarlett taught me well.)  It was nice.  And it made me want to elope with my honey.  When we got married we were so young and naive and free.  We could’ve lived on love alone (and did at times – that and a few potatoes!)  And so I guess my brain remembers that enough to desire that whole emotional high once again.  We sort of eloped, I suppose…since, technically we’re already married! 

The moral of this story?  Run away!  Take your baby and run far, far, away and pretend that there’s nothing else – at least once in awhile.  It’ll be good for all involved 🙂  Drive and drive until you’re too tired to remember your responsibilites and too weak to care whether you’re missing emails or phonecalls.

Yes, my honey had to work all day, every day we were there.  But I’d do it again, anyway, ’cause it was worth it.  I’m rested up now and back to normal, I think.  Maybe my brain is still a little loopy…

I did get to find one letterbox on the trip.  I’ll try and load the cool pics once I get them off the phone 🙂

Off to watch the Olympics – I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m missing them!