In the doldrums

5 12 2007

I guess you’ll have to get used to my inconsistencies….blogging really reveals the true self, huh?  I struggle every year when fall becomes winter (atleast weatherwise) with just being depressed.  I have been uncharacteristically negative, grumpy and down in the dumps, so when that happens, I just avoid people and activities.  Smart, I know.  But true.  I’ve tried to pinpoint the starting point, but it’s a bit foggy, because I kinda emotionally yo-yo for a week or two before I plummet 🙂  I got a bad cold and then my honey had to be away on business for a week, and it got so darn cold!  And it has stayed cold.  The only time I’m warm is when I’m in bed, so I am less productive, too, which really does wonders for my mood.  I ran one time in weeks, on the treadmill in the garage, and my chest and nose hurt with the cold!  I tried again about a week later and was reduced to tears within minutes because I just can’t handle the cold.  I hate it.  So today I moved the treadmill into the kitchen and I will use it until spring, when I will hit the great outdoors.

I’m feeling a little better today, which I’m sure you can guess, since I’m posting.  I ran today, too, which is the greatest high I could want right now.

Hopefully, this mood will stick around awhile.  If so, I’ll post again, soon.  But I’m done for now.